Company and group training

We also offer Mind-Energy-Body as group- or company training. Company training takes place at the company, private groups train at a location of your choice, usually at your home, outdoors or in rented rooms. Training units generally last 60 or 90 minutes.

The first appointment offers you the opportunity to get to know us and to communicate your desires and aims. Together we shall then develop a suitable training programme in alignment with the group’s needs and personal health and performance level.

The course structure can be arranged flexibly. However, at the beginning introductory courses of 10 training units are best suited to ensure training continuity and to offer you a first insight into Mind-Enegy-Body.

All exercises integrate the three aspects mind, energy and body and can be combined in various constellations into complete training units. In this way the training can be adapted to the needs and abilities of the group. This makes sense as individual preferences and aptitudes differ.

Depending on the training objective, movements may be performed in a flowing, soft and slow, or in a dynamic, powerful and faster manner. Some exercises may be easier and suited for beginners, whereas others may be quite demanding and suited for more advanced practitioners. The training contents are systematically introduced and build upon each other.

Mind-Energy-Body training can be learnt at any age, requires no previous knowledge and is suitable for sportspersons as well as for people with limited mobility, fitness or health. The training’s potential is best realised with a high level of self-motivation and regular pratice.