What is M-E-B

Mind-Energy-Body is a holistic training system for health, relaxation and power. The training integrates in various exercises concentration (mind), energy flow (energy) and physical movement (body).

Mind-Energy-Body is based on exercises from the Chinese energy and so-called “internal” martial arts, which are generally known in the West as Qigong (energy work), Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang and Xingyi Chuan. These arts arose from ancient Taoist traditions of energy and body work and meditation practices, as well as from various martial arts. Over time many Qigong systems developed, among other things in Buddhism and in traditional Chinese medicine. The internal martial arts Taiji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang and Xing I Chuan and the multitude of Chinese Qigong systems have their roots in this rich cultural asset and its philosophical fundamentals.

In contrast to western fitness training, Mind-Energy-Body places the main focus on the inner structure and body mechanics of movements . The gradual introduction of increasingly demanding movement sequences and stationary meditation exercises leads the practitioner to perceive and develop basic structural, moving and energy principles. Movements are thus filled with meaning and are performed consciously rather than mechanically; insofar there are no “senseless” movements.

The training aims at reducing stress and tension, increasing well-being and mental and physical performance and at integrating the aspects of mind, energy and body in the practitioner’s consciousness. The training systematically introduces these three aspects and emphasises one or another aspect as needed.

Mind: consciousness, awareness, concentration, inner peace, focus and clear purpose/intention.

Energy: awareness of the body’s inner structure and breathing; stimulation of energy flow in the bioenergy field of the body and toning of the nervous system.

Body: stable structure, correct physical alignments, precise coordination of movement, expansion/opening and contraction/closing of muscles, sinews, ligaments and joints.

Regular and balanced practice adapted to your personal abilities develops your understanding of body mechanics, motor control, equilibrium sense and spatial orientation, and corrects physical structure alignments, posture and breathing. It stimulates circulation and immune defenses, tones the nervous system, stabilises the emotions and promotes equanimity, even temper and power of concentration.

We methodically lead you step by step through the training and pay attention to solid basics especially with beginners.